It’s often said that data is the new oil of the digital economy, the currency of the future – but it’s only valuable when it’s given context and made accessible to everyone. 

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Why data analytics
is everyone's business

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For businesses, data is everywhere. And when contextualised and made accessible to everyone within an organisation, it can empower entire workforces to make decisions that optimise processes, technologies, and resources – enabling effective planning for the future.

So, whose job is data? How do different organisations use the same insight? And what are the benefits when this intelligence is placed in everyone’s hands?

Tiger's Caroline Lewis and Louise Bennett will be joined by Mark Lambert, Telecoms Engineer at Lookers to discuss the role data plays across an entire organisation and uncover real-life examples of this year's data analytics trends, with a look into 2022 and beyond. 

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With data, knowledge, and accurate detail in their armoury, organisations are better placed to optimise their processes, technologies, and resources to plan for the future.

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